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    Post your job for free

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    Quality tradesmen quote for your work

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    Compare responses and choose your tradesman

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    On completion of the job, review and rate your tradesman

Step 1:

Post your job for free

Place your job on Post a Job for free and without any obligation. Try to be as detailed as possible in your job description to ensure the responses you receive are accurate. Try to explain clearly what you need done, include your desired materials, size, the ground conditions, accessibility, desired completion date and any other circumstances relevant to the work. Include too much information rather than too little!

We will request some personal information about you but will not publish this information on our website. We will also not pass your data on to anyone else without your consent.

Step 2:

Tradesmen will contact you and quote for the work

Shortly after placing your job on RedFish your job will appear on the RedFish website where tradesmen will be able to see it. You will receive responses from tradesmen who want to do the work for you.

You can communicate with the tradesmen directly via the website. We will alert you via email when a tradesman responds to you. A tradesman may also send you contact details or request yours and for larger jobs a site visit may be necessary in order for the tradesman to provide an accurate quote.

Step 3:

Compare and choose your tradesman

Compare the tradesmen on the basis of their responses and quotes. Also click on their name to see their profile pages, which show their company details, qualifications, and customer rating and reviews. Consider all relevant factors when making your decision. Then choose the tradesman that best fits you and your job. Please note that there is no obligation to accept any quotes.

Step 4:

Rate and provide a brief review

On completion of the work please remember to take 2 minutes rate the tradesman’s work out of 10 and write a brief review of the tradesman on the RedFish website. In this way you will help future customers by providing a clear picture of the tradesman’s quality of work and you could also help the tradesmen to find work.

It's free and easy to use. Give it a try.

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