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30 Pleasant Place, Lansdowne

22-02-2016 | Cape Town

Please contact the tenant to arrange for site visit. Colleen Goliath 082 441 6091. 1. Kitchen counters - not secured, the plaster on the edges is loose, the "kitchen table" requires securing. 2. Kitchen cupboards - general wear and tear, but the cupboard underneath the sink specifically has some water damage and therefore has lifted a bit inside the cupboard. 3. Bathroom towel railing - this is completely broken off, needs replacing. 4. BIC in the second room - this would be the room facing the parking lot. The cupboard doors are not aligned and therefore doesn't close properly the greater concern is that the shelves in this cupboard are broken, they need L brackets that the shelves rest on. 5. Second bedroom window - this is broken, appears to be unhinged on the LHS of the window, and cannot be opened at all. 5. Main bedroom - this would be the room facing the station. There is a bit of mould markings on the ceiling. 6. Geyser Cupboard - this is the greatest concern. The mould in this cupboard is severe, and causes the entire flat to smell of mould.

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