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leak in bathroom needing to be fixed


I had a bathroom leak causing passage carpet to get wet. I had various leak detection companys check it out. I was first advised to resilicone the shower and the bath perimeters but this did not work. I was then advised that the cause is both the bath and shower waste. If this is a big job, I would consider redoing the bathroom so I need to ascertain the costs to determine the way forward. Following is the report together with recommendations from the leak detection company: “Electronic listeningmode tests to the supply piping were carried out but no leaks on the supply piping were located at the time of the tests. Further investigations and an infra-red scan of the bathroom, very high moist levels were detected along the periphery of the shower tray and bath. There were also signs of the moisture spreading towards the adjacent bedroom. A visual inspection of the shower tray and bath perimeters were carried out and can confirm that the sealants were either missing or defective and would leak profusely below the shower tray when the shower is in use. Dye-testing of the shower outlet was found to be leaktight, similarly dye testing of the bath waste proved when in use water leaks through the waste connection below the bath.” They also recommended the following:- “Plumber to open up the exterior wall below the bath and effect repair work to the bathwaste. The shower Perspex tray to be removed and a concrete base installed as a long term solution, alternatively the shower tray perimeter to be regrouted and sealed. The bath perimeter to be re-grouted and sealed. All the affected areas to dry out prior to making good.”

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