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Pond and associated works

15-09-2016 | Claremont

Looking for someone to build a pond system for my natural pool (see http://www.insitucon.co.za/?p=285 for an example of construction style), plus supporting work. There are three components to the job. (1) Building the ponds. The ponds are 400-600mm deep, and will have different linked sections that are then connected to an existing fiberglass swimming pool. Each pond will require a reinforced concrete slab with under-slab insulation, concrete block or brick walls reinforced with rebar into the slab, topped with 220mm paving, and the sides and bottom to be plastered with fiber reinforced plaster with a waterproofing additive. Corners between sides and floor to be plastered in a smooth curve. Ideally the contractor will will have good experience in careful concrete/plaster work in order to minimize cracking (Plaster will later be coated with a waterproofing coating). (2) Build a low retaining wall (~300-400mm high and 8m long). Built on a suitable foundation, clad with a client-supplied natural rock cladding, and topped with 220mmx220mm paving. (3) Re-build a gutter alongside the house, including installing two drains with associated pipework (one to sewer, one to street gutter). See attached images for more context.

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  • Pond and associated works - Skills required: Contractor & Builder Concrete Contractors
  • Pond and associated works - Skills required: Contractor & Builder Concrete Contractors
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