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Engineering - Consulting

Are you looking for an engineer to assist you with the design or build of a planned structure? Are you seeking professional engineering advice regarding the maintenance of an existing structure? If so, post your requirements on RedFish.co.za. It works! Receive quotes from local consulting engineers and compare the costs and tenders. Then make an appointment with your best choice.

Image Title Responding Status City Date
Falling Apart? (job is closed) 1 Closed Kraaifontein 29-09-2016
PR Architect or Structural Engineer (job is closed) 0 Closed Cape town 09-06-2016
Structural Engineer approval (job is closed) 1 Closed Cape Town 02-09-2015
Check foundations of my house Check foundations of my house (job is closed) 1 Closed Kommetjie 16-11-2014
Structural Engineer for consultation (job is closed) 1 Closed Cape Town 12-07-2013

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