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Cabinet Makers

Are you redesigning your lounge and looking for a skilled cabinetmaker to produce a beautiful display of bespoke shelves? Would your kitchen be vastly improved by the addition of a set of elegant wooden cupboards? If so, find the best cabinetmaker on RedFish.co.za by posting your requirements for free, and in detail, comparing your replies, and choosing the top quality match. Easy.

Image Title Responding Status City Date
Structure 2 Open Cape Town 05-02-2018
Yacht Fitter 0 Open Cape Town 05-02-2018
Built-in cupboards 2 Open Cape Town 09-10-2017
Kitchen Revamp - Design Included 5 Open Cape Town 13-07-2017
Sliding door between bedroom and bathroom (job is closed) 2 Closed Rondebosch 23-05-2017
Built-in cupboard 4 Open Pinelands 29-03-2017
Bedroom cupboard (built in) 5 Open Cape Town 18-02-2017
Kitchen replacement 6 Open Pinelands 15-02-2017
Restoration of Chairs Restoration of Chairs 0 Open Cape Town 25-01-2017
Repair 2 drawer fronts on kitchen cupboard. (job is closed) 3 Closed Hazendal 18-01-2017
Bedroom Cupboards Bedroom Cupboards 8 Open Cape town 09-01-2017
Bedroom Cupboards (job is closed) 0 Closed Cape town 09-01-2017
Repair to cupboard under our kitchen sink Repair to cupboard under our kitchen sink (job is closed) 4 Closed Sunningdale, Cape Town 09-01-2017
Kitchen and Bedroomcupboards 6 Open Cape Town 02-12-2016
Built-in bedroom cupboards (job is closed) 7 Closed Hermanus 22-11-2016

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