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Washing Machines - Servicing & Repair

Washing machine on the blink? Your children's dirty togs threatening to bury your bathroom? Get an expert out to help you as easily as possible, via RedFish.co.za. Post your washing machine problems on RedFish.co.za and experts will respond to you online. Please remember to include the make and model and as detailed an explanation of the problem as possible. RedFish.co.za is free, and easy to use.

Image Title Responding Status City Date
Washing Machine Service/Repair 0 Open Bellville 06-09-2016
Siemens Washing Machine not spinning 0 Open Cape Town 27-01-2016
Defy Automaid 600 (job is closed) 2 Closed Cape Town 14-10-2015
Repair of tumble dryer (job is closed) 0 Closed Cape town 16-08-2015
SMEG Washing Machine Tripping Electricity (job is closed) 1 Closed Cape Town 29-07-2015
Washing machine does not want to release water 0 Open Cape Town 22-07-2015
Washing machine water leakage (job is closed) 0 Closed Bellville 02-07-2015
Quote to repair washing machine 0 Open Johannesburg 26-06-2015
My trusty dishwasher has a leak My trusty dishwasher has a leak (job is closed) 0 Closed Woodstock 02-06-2015
Our washing machine stopped (job is closed) 1 Closed Marina da Gama 21-05-2015
LG Washing Machine 2 Open Cape Town 10-03-2015
Leaking washing machine Leaking washing machine (job is closed) 0 Closed Sandton 01-03-2015
Repair washing machine Repair washing machine (job is closed) 0 Closed Sandton 28-02-2015

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