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Bath Refurbished

We all know the feeling after you have renovated the bathroom and that bath sticks out like a saw thumb. Why not refurbish it and let it look like new. Easy and cost effective. Post your job now and let the specialist do it for you.

Image Title Responding Status City Date
Plumbers Randburg Plumbers Randburg 0 Open Randburg 14-01-2018
Shower Fix Shower Fix 2 Open Milnerton 15-03-2017
Shower floor retiling Shower floor retiling (job is closed) 3 Closed Somerset West 25-05-2016
Bathroom Refurbish 4 Open NorthRiding 28-01-2016
Refurbishing of acrylic bath. (job is closed) 1 Closed Hazendal 11-08-2015
Re-enamel bath 1 Open Diepsloot 07-04-2015
Bath refurnishing (job is closed) 1 Closed Pinelands 19-03-2015

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