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Kitchen & Bathroom in cape town

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Image Title Responding Status City Date
install of new bathtub,basin and toilet 3 Open cape town 30-05-2017
Paint kitchen doors Paint kitchen doors (job is closed) 2 Closed Cape Town 13-03-2017
NEW KITCHEN CUPBOARDS (job is closed) 4 Closed CAPE TOWN 25-02-2017
Bathroom reno 5 Open Cape Town 18-02-2017
Children's Hospital Milk Room/Kitchen Renovation in Athlone, Cape Town 2 Open Cape Town 03-01-2017
Kitchen renovation 4 Open Cape Town 14-11-2016
Bathroom redo (job is closed) 5 Closed Cape Town 14-11-2016
Re-install badly installed bath (job is closed) 2 Closed Cape Town 13-10-2016
Bathroom re-furbish 8 Open Cape Town 30-05-2016
looking for counter top installation quotes (job is closed) 3 Closed cape town 14-05-2016
Kitchen, bathroom and bar area cupboard overhaul and amendments Kitchen, bathroom and bar area cupboard overhaul and amendments (job is closed) 7 Closed Cape Town 02-05-2016
Kitchen renovation (job is closed) 6 Closed Cape Town 16-04-2016
Shower Door 3 Open Cape Town 01-04-2016
Shower Door Repairs (job is closed) 1 Closed Cape Town 07-03-2016
Bathroom Quotation 5 Open Cape Town 13-11-2015

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