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Loft Conversion

Home owners often convert unused roof spaces to great, new and functional living areas. Loft conversion services include staircases, dormer windows, roof windows and skylights as well as balustrades, decks and mezzanine floors. Generally your aim will be to provide extra space for living or storage - in any case you should choose a specialist to carry out the work required.

Image Title Responding Status City Date
Dry-walling and Floor-laying Dry-walling and Floor-laying 4 Open Cape Town 26-11-2016
Loft 2 Open Cape town 28-02-2016
three walls and doors 3 Open cape town 18-03-2015
Mezzanine floor - steps Mezzanine floor - steps (job is closed) 2 Closed Stellenbosch 02-03-2015

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