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Chimney Repair & Sweep

If you have a chimney, and many houses do, you should have the structural condition checked on occasion. If you use your chimney, you should employ the services of a chimney sweep at least before every winter to ensure that your chimney is clean, and therefore safe, to remove birds nests, to test for leaks, and to conduct a safety check of your fireplace and chimney. Assuming that you would like your home to remain soot-free during cleaning, it is preferable to ensure that you employ trained, experienced tradesmen, with the right tools. So post your chimney requirements on RedFish.co.za and be connected with with quality, local chimney sweeps.

Image Title Responding Status City Date
Secure flue Secure flue (job is closed) 1 Closed Cape Town 03-10-2017
Repair a leaking roof 2 Open Woodstock 16-09-2016
Waterproofing Waterproofing (job is closed) 2 Closed Cape Town 21-04-2016
Replace roof sheets 3 Open Wynberg 09-10-2015
Carport 6 Open Athlone, Cape Town 17-10-2014

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