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FAQ for customers

1. Customer questions

1.1 Are there any conditions to posting a job request?
Posting a job request is entirely voluntary and free of charge. In order to activate the request you will however need an account with RedFish.co.za. In order to create this you will need to go through the registration process.

1.2 Will my personal information be displayed with the job request?
Your personal information will not be displayed with the job request. Only your postcode is made known to show the location of the job.

1.3 Can I change or remove my job request?
You can edit or remove your job request at any time. When you post a job request, you will receive an email with a link to edit your job should you need to. If you decide to re-post the job request, tradesmen will again be informed of your job.

1.4 Can I change or add an address?
It is very easy to change or add an address. When you are logged on to RedFish.co.za, simply go to "My Account" and select the option to specify an additional address or change your address.

1.5 How do I get in touch with a tradesman?
Only when a tradesmen have responded to your job can you communicate through the Redfish platform with your contractor. This allows that communication between you and the contractor are in one place and always refer back to correspondence.

1.6 How do I choose a tradesman?
You can use RedFish.co.za to compare tradesmen based on various characteristics. On the profile page of the tradesman you will see the business description, customer reviews, previous projects, certificates and other info. You can also compare the tradesmen who have responded to your job request. You then choose your preferred tradesman by accepting his bid and by making direct contact with him through the Redfish communication channel.

1.7 How does RedFish.co.za rate their quality tradesmen?
Click here to see how RedFish.co.za ranks tradesmen Bronze, Silver or Gold status depending on how much company information has been supplied to RedFish.co.za for verification purposes.

1.8 Do I have to use one of the tradesmen who respond to my job request?
No need too. To get the best possible experience and be able to rate and review the tradesmen you have used you need to have posted a job. This allows the community to grow and also the contractor to grow his business.

2. Rating and Review

2.1 What is a rating and review and how do these come about?
When a tradesman engages in work for a customer, the customer has the right to express an opinion / feedback /comment on the services performed. This is referred to as “a review.” A review consists of a short comment and is provided along with a rating. A rating is a score out of 10 provided by the customer about various aspects of the tradesman’s work. The review and rating together provide very valuable information for future customers and act as a good indicator of the reputation of tradesmen on RedFish.co.za. Good references act as great marketing tools for tradesmen.

2.2 What rules apply with respect to giving a review and a rating?
A review must meet various conditions, which are listed in our Terms and Conditions. Article 4.

Failure to comply with one or more of the rules may result in RedFish.co.za invoking its (general) conditions. If you notice abuse, please report it via www.redfish.co.za/contact

2.3 Can I provide a review and rating anonymously?
The customer determines if he / she wants his / her name and address to be visible when writing the review. The title and description of the contract will be visible at all times on the site.

2.4 Can reviews be removed?
RedFish.co.za is entitled [but not obliged] at all times to remove a review from the Website. In the following cases RedFish.co.za may consider to remove a review:
2.4.1. In terms of a court order.
2.4.2. If the reference contains libellous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or racist language and / or personal data or links to other websites / pages or scripts.
2.4.3. If, in the sole discretion of RedFish.co.za, there is an abuse of the Website and services.

If you believe that any of these cases relates to a particular reference, you can contact us via www.redfish.co.za/contact. RedFish.co.za will then investigate and take action if necessary.

2.5 What happens with a dispute over a customer review?
Written reviews and ratings remain a permanent part of the profile of the tradesman. It is therefore important that you think carefully about what you write in your review. Prevention is better than cure. The tradesman must be given the opportunity to respond. If there is a dispute between the tradesman and customer before the work is completed, the review posted will be limited to "Customer involved in pending dispute with tradesman." Only once the dispute is resolved may the customer elaborate. If a tradesman does not agree with the given review and rating, he may submit a request for removal in exceptional cases. RedFish.co.za will then take this request into consideration and treat it in accordance with the conditions laid down.

3. General questions

3.1 I can't login. What now?
If you have problems logging in please check the following:
1. Try changing your password via forgot password
2. Make sure your caps lock is off, the password is case sensitive
3. If you are still unable to login please contact customer service via www.redfish.co.za/contact

3.2 What should I do when involved in a claim or dispute?
Always discuss the dispute and try to reach to agreeable solution together. In an extreme case, you can involve a mediator / or begin legal proceedings. RedFish.co.za is solely a platform where the customer and tradesman come together and can never be a party to or involved in a dispute. RedFish.co.za has nothing to do with the obligations of the customer and the tradesman in respect of the independent agreement between them.

3.3 What is a Verified Tradesman?
A Verified Tradesman is a registered member of RedFish.co.za who has agreed to provide RedFish.co.za with information about himself as tradesman, or company. There are 3 levels of verified status – bronze, silver and gold with gold being the highest status.

3.4 What do the verified status levels mean?
Bronze verification status indicates that RedFish.co.za has the Company registration documents or personal ID, and the Company proof of address on a recent address on a recent bill.

Silver verification status indicates that RedFish.co.za has the company documents as per Bronze and in addition 5 or more references from work completed in the last 3 months. RedFish.co.za will contact at least 3 of these customers to verify the references.

Gold verification indicates that RedFish.co.za has the company documents as per Bronze and 5 or more references from work completed in the last 3 months as per Silver and in addition an average customer rating of 8+ on the RedFish.co.za website.

3.5 Why are tradesmen responses to customers not visible to everyone?
Offers from tradesmen are visible only to the customer who has placed the job request. In this way, each tradesman who responds, acts independently, having considered his offer and price himself. As a result of this, it is more likely that the tradesman will be able to fulfil his offer. Each tradesman puts together a realistic quote and the customer receives a clearly thought out price rather than a desirable price. It is likely that the customer will settle on an arrangement with a balance between the best value and quality. The chosen bids or quotes are made visible to all tradesmen and customers at the time the contract is concluded.

3.6 RedFish.co.za Info
RedFish Group pty/ltd
Address: 31 South Arm road, V&A Waterfront, 8001.
Contact: www.redfish.co.za/contact
Company Registration number: 2013/070188/07
Bank details: FNB business account -Redfish Group pty/ltd - 62409896737 - 204009 - Houtbay