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More about Rating

On completion of a job, RedFish.co.za asks you to rate 6 aspects of the work of your tradesman by selecting a score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating. The average of these 6 scores is emailed to the tradesman and will also update his overall rating on his profile page.

Providing a rating and review for tradesmen is a vital step in creating, and maintaining high standards on RedFish.co.za, so please remember to rate every completed job. Reviews are very important references for tradesmen and serve as important marketing tools. As they remain on the tradesman's profile page please be sure that you are fair and honest and happy with what you write.

In order to attain Gold verification ranking, a tradesmen will have to attain an average customer rating of 8+ so please keep this in mind when rating your tradesmen if you think his work was of a high calibre.

The aspects are described briefly below:

  • Reliability
    Was the tradesman on time and available and in touch with you while working together?
  • Price vs. quality of work
    How would you rate the overall quality of the work in relation to the cost?
  • Flexibility
    Was the tradesman open to adapting to changes in the project and accommodating new directions of the job?
  • Craftsmanship
    How would you rate the skill and ability of the tradesman?
  • Sharing of ideas
    Was the tradesman amenable to discussion of ideas and open to working with you?
  • Within budget
    Did the tradesman’s quote come within budget?
  • Finished within time frame
    Duration of project – was the work completed within a realistic and similar timeframe to that which was quoted?