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DMA Solutions specialize in the installation of Security Systems including CCTV, Pepper Spray Systems, Intercom Systems and Electric Fencing. We cater for Commercial, Industrial, security complexes, schools and other Hi Risk Sites. Our staff is trained to do installations professional and according to specification. DMA Solutions work with property developers from the planning stage of new site to plan the security system according to what the customer need. We also offer installation solutions to projects that are already completed and do upgrades on existing Security Systems. DMA Solutions is a family owned business with the owners being hands on to ensure all our installations get done the best way possible. With our company being built on trust, reliability and quality we only use the best equipment for our installations and maintain a high standard with all our installations. Return on investment and having an effective Security System when you need it is very important to DMA Solutions. DMA Solutions also offer customized Service Level Agreements to ensure the investment you made in a security system from us stay in good working order. CCTV With a wide range of analogue, IP and HD CCTV we cater for Commercial, Industrial, security complexes, schools and other Hi Risk Sites. Our Surveillance Systems can be linked to your Mobile Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & On/offsite Control Room. - Surveillance Project & Layout Planning - Cabling, Civil Work & Wired / Wireless Networks - Control Room Design & Building - Overt & Covert Installations - Infrared Cameras, Thermal Cameras - Audio & Video Surveillance Systems - Maintenance & Repairs - Text Overlays - License Plate Recognition - Intrusion Detection - Face Detection - Training Pepper Spray Systems Pepper Spray Systems is very effective. In seconds the Pepper Spray System will fill a room with pepper spray and make it impossible for intruders to stay in the room. We have a range of standalone, master and slave units available. Intercom Systems DMA Solutions offer Audio / Video Intercom Systems for any size building or development. Electric Fencing A proper working Electric Fence can be your best line of defence. DMA Solutions offer Wall top and Freestanding Electric Fences. DMA issue a COC for all Electrified Fences installed and have a Service Level Agreement available to keep your Electric Fence in good working order. We only use the best products available to prevent unwanted guests from entering your property. As part of perimeter security we also offer Alarm Beams, Outdoor Alarm Sensors and other effective Security Systems. All our Electric Fence Systems can be linked to an Alarm System or a GSM System that will notify you on your mobile phone when alarm is triggered.

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Leon Kapp specialized in  Security
Leon Kapp
20 affodil street
The Western Cape

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