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PAVING PRO REACHING NEW LEVELS Tel: (021) 9171710; Cell: 07 999 44 100; Email: info@pavingpro.co.za; Web: www.pavingpro.co.za Oakdale, Bellville Beautify & upgrade your property - Free quotations - all areas. We specialise in all types of paving: from clay pavers, half bricks pavers, cement cobbles, cement pavers to paving slabs & terracotta tiles. # Domestic & Industrial Paving. # Driveways; Roadways; Pathways; Patios; Pool surrounds; Interior flooring of cottages; Entertainment areas; Braai areas; Courtyards. Tarring is also one of the skills my team is capable of as can be seen when perusing our references. In fact the City Council have passed quite a few “raising & lowering of carriageway crossings” on to us where kerbs have to raised or lowered etc. # Complete range of clay, cement brick pavers & cobbles, half brick clay pavers, simulated stone pavers & terracotta tiles. all in attractive colours & blends. # We prefer to throw lime in order to prevent weeds from coming up. # We allow you to choose your own pattern - Stretcher Bond, 90’ Herringbone, 45’ Herringbone, English Bond, Flemish Bond, Basket weave, Circles etc. All paving includes the following: Excavation & preparation, rubble removal, compaction, throw lime to stop weeds from coming up, supply of pavers, sand, cement as well as adjustment of drains & gulleys. A stone & cement mix is applied under the edging to prevent pavers from collapsing in the future. We also use a special formula in all our cement mixes whether it is for grouting, pointing or coping, in order to prevent the cement from cracking, flaking or breaking away from the pavers. # Every job personally planned and supervised. # Rigorous on-site quality control. # We can tackle any size job, big or small, any area. # All work comes with a written 12 month guarantee. # Many excellent references available, including photographs. We can email you the above references and photographs. A QUALITY PAVING JOB EVERYTIME BY A PROFESSIONAL TEAM. BEST PRICES GUARANTEED! CONTACT STEPHEN 07 999 44 100

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Looking for a tradesman specialized in Paving - Pathways, Driveways?
Steve Galleid
42 Van der Stel Street
The Western Cape

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Paving - Pathways, Driveways
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Member since 2013